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Forum Rules

Thu Apr 04, 2013 5:34 pm

Namestey, Salam and Hello to all.

The forum has certain rules and regulations. They have been applied in order to keep the Forum neutral to people of all countries.

1. English will be the main language here of-course. Please refrain from spamming or repeating same questions. Spamming wont help you receive answers.

2. While trying to state a problem that you might have using the Engine/Library/Software developed by Syn its important that you keep your words clean and straight forward.

3. Disrespect or insults against anyone and your account will be immediately banned.

4. If a bug is being reported please ensure that you upload some Log details along with detailed description of your problem. Trust me the more information you provide the better. Besides try to see if a similar report was made. If so then why not refer the posts and solutions.

5. Advertisement ( Direct or Indirect ) is strictly discouraged ( including names / images / videos / links to other software ) and will probably be tackled with a permanent ban. The main reason behind this is to be completely isolated from other projects.

6. If you are adding a website to your profile make sure its a personal website.

7. Try to keep your posts simple - Do not spam the forum. If you have any issues try to put it all together in one post instead of making multiple posts.

8. Quoting posts is strictly discouraged. We pay enough attention to everyone. Quoting and re-posting other's posts will not increase its importance

9. Forum spam-bots will be tackled with an IP Ban - If by chance you see that you are banned try contacting us through email

10. We are slightly sensitive to user names. So try to keep your user name simple

11. We are giving you the freedom of speech. But that doesn't mean that you can speak ill of any person or entity. Respect All.

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