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Syn is about being Humble when it comes to Artificial Intelligence - throughout the course of history AI met a lot of winters but its time ,to be honest, to set things apart. Its time to believe and accept that existing libraries are good enough and there should be 1 module under which these libraries can be unified. Its time to set away the stupid ego that ruined the entire structure of artificial intelligence because researchers refrained from accepting research work of other researchers but from now on things shall change - Atleast there is hope.

So after years of making things related to AI - Finally something came up and Syn is all about it - The Experience and here at this forum users and developers will be able to share a common thought over products released by Syn Network.

Its really hard to maintain things on a webpage basis - Forums help a lot to share information that can be immediately edited and reformatted.

In this forum - The main idea is to enable interaction with users and developers world wide.
Effort is being made to make sure things are simpler and detailed enough for others to understand.

Most of the time you will see the forum being used intensely for SynEngine related topics. SynEngine is what powers the current product launched by Syn Network if you didn't knew that already.

So go on and explore the forum and do not hesitate to ask questions or post comments.

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