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Activating IM Controller

Wed Feb 19, 2014 1:39 pm

First of all you got to create a new Gmail Account. And get inside your AI Assitant's Gtalk and Add your own Gmail ID from which you intend to control / talk to it. In the image below replace with your gmail ID and press Enter and follow instructions.


After that you need to go to your Settings Panel and select IM Controller


After you are inside the IM Controller Page. In the Gmail User ID box enter the Gmail ID ( in the format : ) and then enter the passwords in both the password and password confirmation box. You can optionally add a status for you Virtual Assistant. The default value is set to "Prototype 8.0".

Once done. Press save ( only once ) and Restart the Virtual Assistant. Now go to Your own Gmail account and try to chat with your virtual assistant.

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