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Some Advice

Thu Apr 04, 2013 5:50 pm

1. After you change any settings in the Settings Panel remember that you should always give your AI Assistant a restart for the settings to take effect.

2. Once you input something to the AI Assistant - try to be patient for the response to arrive and do not spam the system

3. When the AI Assistant loads for the first time - make sure that all the plugins have loaded before you start to give commands

4. To check if the AI Assistant is ready to take inputs call its name and if it responds then give the actual command

5. If the Assistant fails to respond to some input check the log file to ensure that no response was generated

6. If you don't like a particular command for a task and want to change it - Use the XML file and carefully change the pattern

7. Try to activate all plugins before you start to use the Assistant

8. Depending on your Speech Recognition system - Add the right choices to ensure that your speech/commands are recognized properly

9. Mute your mic after you have given a command and don't want the system to listen to you ( situations where you might be talking to someone in skype ) or you can also give the command "stop listening" - to again enable speech recognition say "start listening now" but its encouraged that you just mute your mic

10. Do not set your media ( songs ) directory to a directory having more than 512 songs - This might slow down your AI Assitant's startup and may also cause some parsing delay ( some pattern matching that takes place within the Engine )

11. Try not to exceed your Choice List above 256 choices

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