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Read this - Before you report

Fri Feb 28, 2014 11:21 pm

Reporting an issue is Not easy.

When you report a bug its important to help us know everything that lead to the problem. Help us by giving us examples to reproduce the error.

Always check the Log file before you report something. Maybe its not the application but the machine thats playing up.

For example - when we tested Syn Virtual Assistant on a computer that previously had a graphic card but was removed at the time of testing - The application could Not start. Re-installing the OS and drivers helped solve the problem.

When you report, refer the log file and try to find lines that say "Error" and copy and paste them in your report. This will help us to get a picture of what is going wrong and how can we fix it. If that's not convenient then just Zip the SynEngine.log file and add it as an attachment to your post.

If you think that there's a bug and not its a temporary issue with the application we request you to post details about your System Configuration this will help us resolve the issue for not just you but many users out there. To do so just attach the following information to your post.
  • Processor
  • RAM
  • Windows Version + Regional Language
  • Graphic Card ( If any )
  • HDD Space
  • Internet Connection Speed ( In Mbps )
Your reports have helped us make better versions of Syn Virtual Assistant. So do not hesitate to report anything from grammar/spelling mistakes to crashes and bugs.

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