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Download Update 6.25

Posted: Wed May 08, 2013 5:27 am
by Leslie
After thousands of downloads We have decided to launch an update before Prototype 7 is released.


Remember: You should have Madonna Prototype 6.0 before using this Update.

We saw some minor bugs that were necessary to be fixed and some adjustments to the Settings Panel to ensure the new users got to understand the plugin's better. Lets go through some of them

1. Fixed Memory Issues in the Graphics Renderer
2. Enhanced Logging system - Helps a lot in troubleshooting for starters
3. Faster Loading of Plugins
4. Auto Webcam detection
5. Reduced Graphic Load
6. Fixed 4 Minor ( Invisible ) bugs
7. You can now drag and drop TXT and RTF files directly on the Avatar window and it will immediately start reading it
8. Running the AI Assistant will no longer require administrative rights
9. Removed unnecessary library dependencies and embedded the code inside the SynModule (9K Lines of Code)

10. We have added 5 Modes for Materials Types ( as in the picture below ) :

You can select them from your Graphics and Speech settings page



11. Better information for all plugins at the bottom of the Settings Panel


12 . Better Swatch ( Custom Response System )


13. Select News that really matters ( Africa , Asia , Europe , Latin America , Middle East , US & Canada , England , Northern Ireland , Scotland , World , Business , Politics , Health , Education & Family , Science & Environment , Technology and Entertainment & Arts )


That should do it. We are committed to bringing you a better product and this update is a reflection of just that. Your forum suggestions are being taken very seriously in the development of Prototype 7.

Thanks for being part of this wonderful Project.