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Custom Fields in Response

Sun Sep 28, 2014 10:45 pm

Sometimes just writing a response assuming a lot of user details isn't the right way. Every response that is stored is to be used by thousands of users. One cannot even address them by the same name.

In short SVA and its responses can have fields which are just ( Pre-Response-Formats).

Example ? Think of a response where you would like to address the Title of a user. "How are you Sir" or "How are you Ma''am" These responses rely on user Gender. And thats were custom and pre-stored fields come in handy.

When you generate a response or edit any response stored in a Plugin''s Settings File. You can use the following fields. A field that does not exist will be used as such. GENERAL
  • {user.title} - Sir/Ma''am ( based on user gender )
  • {} - Name of the User ( added in the Main User page )
  • {} - Name of the user''s country
  • {user.gender} - Gender of the user
  • {} - Name of the Currently loaded avatar
  • {avatar.gender} - Gender of the Avatar ( Neutral if no Gender is set )
  • {error} - A default error response that can be used whenever you use a Try-Catch Block in your code
  • {daylight} - Morning/Afternoon/Evening ( Based on computer time )
EXPRESSIONS ( Used at the end of a response )
  • {plain}
  • {blink}
  • {blink.half.left}
  • {blink.half.right}
  • {blink.left}
  • {blink.right}
  • {brows.up}
  • {disgust}
  • {eyes.wide}
  • {frown}
  • {jaw.opening}
  • {kiss}
  • {mouth.pulling.left}
  • {mouth.pulling.right}
  • {sad}
  • {smile.broad}
  • {smile.slight}
  • {squint}
  • {squint.left}
  • {squint.right}
  • {}
  • {}
  • {}
Example for using Expressions.

How are you Sir ? {smile.slight}

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