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Some Important Directories And Files

Thu Oct 02, 2014 5:44 pm


Folder Avatars : This is where the 3D Models for the Avatar are stored along with a config.xml file which defines what 3D Models are to be loaded - If you plan to create your own 3D avatar its in this folder where you will keep your 3D Character Files.

Folder Contents: sometimes a Plugin might have some media files or files which aren't settings file -we recommend you to store such files in this directory.

Folder Licenses: All License of libraries / Tools used by the current Prototype have been saved in this directory in Text Files.

Folder Settings: Here is where you should save your XML document files ( which are by default the settings file for SynPlugins - Do note that their Name should be exactly as that of your plugin  )

Folder Plugins: Here all the SynPlugin files ( Class Libraries with .DLL extensions ) are saved. If your plugin has a dependency save it in the root directory and NOT in the SynPlugins Directory. 

File SynEngine.Log: This is the default log file generated by the Engine and its encouraged that you delete the file if its size exceeds 256MB. Also if you are going to report a bug/issue you will need to provide this file as an attachment. The content of the Log file is reader-friendly and doesn't contain any confidential information.

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