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Creating a Syn Package ( .SPK ) File

Thu Oct 02, 2014 5:46 pm

After you have created anything in relation to SVA and want to distribute it. We encourage you to create a package - For simplicity we call it a Syn Package.

To create a Syn Package you need to just create a Package.xml file with your files and create a Zip archive of it.

Lets say you created a plugin named MyPlugin.dll which depends on Dependency.dll and has a settings file called MyPlugin.xml.

Dependency.dll should be placed in the root directory.

XML Code

<file action ="extract" source="MyPlugin.dll" destination="SynPluginsMyPlugin.dll"/>
<file action ="extract" source="Dependency.dll" destination="Dependency.dll"/>
<file action ="extract" source="MyPlugin.Xml" destination="SynSettingsMyPlugin.xml"/>

<file action="copy" source="SynPluginsSomePlugin.dll" destination="SynBackupSomePlugin.dll"></file>
There are 4 Action types available:
  • Extract
  • Copy
  • Move
  • Rename
Now you have to archive these files along with the Package.XML into a zip file and rename the extension .Zip to .Spk

Now all the user has to do is use the Package Tool and select your file and it should be installed in no time.

Note: Items to be placed in the root directory has to added manually. The Package creation option available in Syn Tools doesn't ( for the current version ) create Xml File tags for files to be placed in the root directory.

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