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Adding a Page in Settings Panel

Thu Oct 02, 2014 6:19 pm

A Settings page is nothing but a User Control added with some information to the Settings Panel.

You will need to add a User Control to your Class Library ( Plugin ) to do that select Project and click on Add New Item.


The next step is to select UserControl 


Now just add a button to this User Control.


Next we are going to add an Image which will used as a Thumbnail image for the settings page in the settings panel.


Browse and select the Image file ( I recommend using a 64 x 64 PNG Image )


CSharp Code

using Syn.Engine;
namespace MyPlugin
public class MyPlugin : SynPlugin
public override void Initialize()
SynIcon pageIcon = new SynIcon();
pageIcon.Title = "My Plugin";
pageIcon.Description = "My Plugin Page Description";
pageIcon.Page = new Page();
pageIcon.Plugin = this;
pageIcon.DisplayImage = Properties.Resources.page_image;


Visual Basic Code

Imports Syn.Engine
Public Class MyPlugin
Inherits SynPlugin

Public Overrides Sub Initialize()
Dim pageIcon As New SynIcon
pageIcon.Plugin = Me
pageIcon.Page = New Page
pageIcon.Title = "My Plugin"
pageIcon.Description = "My Plugin Page Description"
pageIcon.DisplayImage = My.Resources.page_image

End Sub

End Class

And Voila! your Page Icon should appear in the Settings Panel of the Engine and when the user clicks on this Icon your Settings Page for the Plugin will be displayed.

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