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Wed Apr 30, 2014 10:31 pm

I'll be objective.

It is possible to have or we build an algorithm capable of storing information according to predefined parameters later be used to play as other parameters, responses?

Do not speak in a script that responds the same thing if asked the same thing - but to innovate every answer, but not randomly a given subject, theme form.
IA - is the future.

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Re: IA

Fri May 02, 2014 2:20 pm

I have been working over NLP for a very long time. Syn Engine has taken nearly 6 years and is an on going project.

And yes predefined parameters can be stored and can be used to generate/construct answers/sentences. A simple example is a response to a question "how are you". Considering a chat-bot response it will "always" be the same pre-defined answer stored as textual data which would typically be "I am fine" and so on. Adding a separate parameter that defines a condition of the Assistant ( tired/bored ) - a new response can be generated using information provided in the form of an arguments. This would require that a chat-bot is created making a lot of assumption. Assumptions like for every "how are you" type of question a "Condition" will be provided as a data to the chat-bot for sentence construction. ( which by itself is a complex and cumbersome work for anyone trying to implement it). And its coz of these reasons developers of chat-bots usually stick with GOFAI ( Good Old Fashioned AI ) and keep iterating on previously established research works.

But I am glad you asked coz as for now me and many others are have been working over an architecture that would help develop intelligent responses. Responses that are subject to and are influenced by many dynamic variables instead of just being some textual information stored within files.

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