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Verbot implementation or PlugIn (Chat-Bot)

Mon Jan 13, 2014 12:19 am

Hey hey,

if you look around for a decent chat-bot, you'll always come across the AIML ones, Verbots or UH (which we can ignore as a non-free standalone).

AIML is already implemented (incl. Pandora) & there are some nice bots available in general, but using, editing or creating AIML in Notepad or even with available Editors is usually time-consuming 'n more or less a pain in the ass due to it's own structures & restrictions. You might get a nice bot out of it though.

Still left are the Verbots (verbally-enhanced software robots) which have been kind of an alternative to Aiml-Bots over the last decade.I prefered to use verbots, since its library system is way more structured, synonym usage is advanced and all in all it's pretty easy to use & understand.
In comparison to aiml, you get a more complex and life-like bot in less time.
& they got a SDK for Verbots on SourceForge!

So how about implementing this feature? Or writing a plug-in?
I think it would be a great expansion. It would be like combining the biggest bot-communities, making it THE THING for all recent and upcoming guys interested in bots and assistants :geek:


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Re: Verbot implementation or PlugIn (Chat-Bot)

Wed Jan 15, 2014 7:17 am

Well thats a very good suggestion there. I myself had tried verbot years ago.

The SDK is 3 years old but as far as I know it can be integrated easily.

But if I were to do so I find it slightly difficult to find the right Knowledge Base for it - or as they call it - Compiled Knowledge Base for verbots. Anyways this is a very good suggestion and I will myself try to roam around and check if there's a genuine knowledge base available ( FIY I already know about Alice knowledge base converted to Verbot KB but it adds too much to system memory which has always been a consideration)

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Re: Verbot implementation or PlugIn (Chat-Bot)

Thu Jan 16, 2014 5:55 pm

Thx for taking my suggestion in consideration, i appreciate this & the time you put into things!

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