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Commands and Chat done by voice alone

Thu May 08, 2014 5:29 am

I mentioned this before in the General Discussion area but realise its more of a request/suggestion so I thought I would mention it here.

I recently saw the movie "Her" about a highly intelligent OS that can have general conversations and more and is my inspiration for installing syn (but I am well aware syn is nowhere near that level of intelligence).

I enjoy having little chats with the Alice chat bot in the typing window and Madonna's verbal commands are very useful. All that really needs to happen now is to somehow integrate the two so you can verbally chat and issue commands without having to type the chat separately to the Alice chat window. This would make all the difference as it would give the "illusion" that you are interacting with the one AI and not two (i.e. Madonna and Alice).

One thing I did notice is that typed commands also work in the chatbox along with general chat. Therefore, It would be great to have some sort of dictation happening where the your verbal commands and verbal chat are dictated into text within the chatbox, therefore both your spoken commands and chat are responded to.

Thanks! :D

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