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Hehe :P :oops: i m sorry for posting so many previous posts.... i just shared all the things that i made a list of together..! :oops: :roll:

:) Here are few other requests and suggestions:-

1) A command for turning Monitor or Screen On or Off.

2) A command for volume up down by percentage.

3) Allthough there is already a reading feature"drag and drop" (which doesn't work on my laptop or i think i don't know how it is used) But is would be better if the would be a feature like i could select or highlight a text from anywhere and say "read this" and the sva would read it. :D

4) A command for giving only the current temperature(not the whole weather) like "What is the temperature".

5) When is say dave, i want a my custom response, iv'e already added that
to the chat bot but i guess becoz of its default avatar name it wont work. So is there any way that i could add the custom response (like i want to add "How may i be of assistance" ) to Sva and also get the various other replies when i say Dave.

6) Greeting on startup according to daytime, and a customizable msg. For example "Good Evening Sir, We're Online And Ready"

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