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Spanish translate (suggestion and offer to help freely)

Sat Jul 12, 2014 1:42 am

Well... First of all: thanks! This is an awesome assistant. By far the best I ve ever tried. But here comes the trouble for me: Im a spanish speaker. And even if I understand english pretty well (in text or spoken), its always more comfortable when what you hear is in your native language... and Synn is all about what you say and what you hear.
I tried (with a somewhat aceptable grade of success) to translate Synn´s commands from english to spanish, and since I got a spanish voice and my SO is in spanish, there is no problem for the program to understand me. Yet, I still cannot figure how to make the program receive the "yes/no" situations with "si/no", even if I changed "yes" for "si".

But thats not the boulder in my path. The thing is... There are tons of things to translate in the program, and I can do it by myself with no problem (but with some spare time). But there are some points in the program that cannot be translated. As an example: when you ask Synn for the weather, it says "Current weather condition is {0}", where {0} is a mark for <insert what is defined as "0" in the Yahoo weather report>. I can translate "current weather condition is" to "El clima actual es", but I cannot translate what the Yahoo weather returns to me.

Example: if Yahoo tells me that is rainy, Synn has not "rainy" in its words. If it has it, then its in the .dll probably, and I cannot edit that with my (very) humble informatical knowledge. So even if I can translate the whole weather report skeleton, I cannot translate "that" part of the report.

So here comes the point of all this. I would like to contribute to this project by translating it to the spanish, making it that way available to a big portion of the world out there, but as part of it I would need some tips about "how" to do it... Or well... Someone who can just open the Pandora´s box from Synn and replace "today is a sunny day" for "hoy es un día soleado" (absurd example, but it works for the case).

I repeat: I dont know how the plugin works, how it does for receiving "stormy", "windy", "cloudy", etc.. If its related to the web page address, then I guess is not that hard (Yahoo has a spanish weather report page too). Otherwise... well... I can only vaguely guess it.

But apart from the weather stuff, I would really like to help translating, if there is some will of doing it. As a native spanish speaker, its like opening a soda can. It cant be easier.
Also... I offer a hand for whatever text you would like to translate from english to spanish. From homework, to whatever kind of text. Even I can help with knowledge about how the spanish language works (its not that hard actually... and has tons of things in common with english).
I... Just... I have no better things to do *shrugs*.

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