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Intelligent SVA sending

Thu Apr 30, 2015 2:33 am

I wish i could help or even do something in developing and software stuff but ahh i'm still an amateur & beginner at it and can just suggest and request until i become very good at it...
Anyways.. :idea: :idea: :idea: I just had an idea about SVA controlling my pc when needed!
What i mean is that... suppose i'm out and away from my pc and it is at home or work place or anywhere else Switched ON with SVA running! And i am in need of some important any kind of files like word documents, music, photos, etc... So is there a way that SVA could send me these files through attachment like in emails or even like in instant messaging which is already integrated in the current SVA! This feature would be so awesome and i think would take SVA to another level! So idk what are your thoughts? :!: :!: :?: :?: :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea:

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Re: Intelligent SVA sending

Thu Apr 30, 2015 9:56 am

cool suggestion! this must be added to the upcoming version :)

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