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search for files in directory and show in listview large icon images

Fri Nov 13, 2020 5:25 pm

I would like to use oscova to create an interface where a user can search files using parts of the name as in a contains filter. Eventually i would want to search by its xml text file of the same name using more sophisticated greater than data or some numeric attribute however for now to keep it simple i was going to use the file name and show the images with same file name in a listview. I would interact with the this listview by drag and drop files etc.
What is the best approach and are there tutorials that may assist me in my quest?
cheers nik

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Re: search for files in directory and show in listview large icon images

Sat Nov 14, 2020 10:33 pm

We are moving from Forum to StackOverflow.com To get your answers within 24 hours you can post a question with the keyword OSCOVA, SIML, VA Framework or Syn Bot Framework and we'll respond you there.

Having said that,

Although we do not provide any sort of support for UI creation we can nudge you in the right direction by saying that you can begin by creating a simple intent with keyword expression like Search For FILE_NAME and then parse the extra value as @sys.text for example {{search for}] @sys.text and in your intent body you can extract the file name and later search for it using .NET file APIs.

If you wish to just search for say .XML files then you can also create a new Regular Expression Entity that matches any file name with the .XML extension.

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