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Meaning of the user statement to bot

Tue Dec 15, 2015 1:10 pm


i got some clarification.

If i ask the bot "what is your name"
It replies me "My name is Maya"

The name maya is stored as a value in a variable called NAME in bot settings.
ok alright fine...Now my question is

If i ask what is your age.... It tells me 18 years old.
Now next i ask it how old are you.. it replies some result not generated.Because the keyword old is not assigned in bot settings.

My doubt is ill set the keyword variable age=18 in bot settings..so when i ask what is your age it will reply 18 years old..and when i ask how old are you.it must reply the same by understanding the keyword 'old' and 'age' are same with setting the value old in bot setting.

It should understand my statement age and old are same...and it should pick the age value.

How to perform this any idea...

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Re: Meaning of the user statement to bot

Tue Dec 15, 2015 2:37 pm

Letting my bot assume that the meaning of two variable names are the same will never be good for large knowledge bases. Just create multiple patterns and it should work. There is no need to to set the Bot "age" and "old" to the same value.


	<Item>What is your age</Item>
	<Item>How old are you</Item>
  <Response>I am <Bot Get="age" /> years old.</Response>

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