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Some Suggested Features for Oryzer Studio

Fri Feb 28, 2020 6:52 am

Hello @Leslie and SYN team.
I think Oryzer Studio is a pretty cool and promising project, and after some time of using it here are a couple of features that I think would make things a little bit better.
  • The lower part of the window that displays the zoom in/out function doesn't display the first time you maximize the window. I believe this might be a bug of sorts. I feel like having the program in maximized mode on startup would be better.
  • A start-up page/window where you can select all your recent projects and create a new project, detailing all the information about your project like its name, size, date created, number of elements, file destination etc... much like Visual Studio or Syn Bot Studio.
  • A way to close or delete nodes or a simpler way to do so (Because so far I actually haven't found a way to).
  • That little trackpad thingy at the bottom right that's used to navigate around the canvas is cool and all, but I think a more traditional vertical and horizontal scroll bar would be a little more efficient.
  • SIML Documents should have tag suggestions and autocomplete like Syn Bot Studio.
  • I'm sure most people would be working with multiple SIML Documents, so a way to create folders or store a bunch of these SIML files into one place would be very, very convenient.
  • More tutorials, please. Especially on the different types of nodes and how to use them effectively
  • Should be able to export an entire project as an SIML file or package.
  • A way to resize node windows
  • The intent score should be more manipulatable i.e. If IntentScore < 0.6 get Fallback, else get AppropriateResponse
  • Fallbacks
Now I'm sure there are some in my list that you've already thought of or are working on rn, but if there's anything you believe would help things please add it to the subsequent releases! Cheers.

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Re: Some Suggested Features for Oryzer Studio

Sun Mar 01, 2020 2:26 pm

Thanks for the suggestions. I can see a chunk of them being considered for future iteration of Oryzer.

A couple of things to note:
  • I in entirety agree that more documentation is needed to enable developers leverage on Oryzer.
  • You can Pan and Zoom using the Middle Mouse button.
  • You can delete a node by pressing the Delete key.
  • Oryzer is going to be abstracted from the constructs of SIML language so every project would indeed be saved as a workspace .west file for now. Maybe an additional node feature can be provided later on to export data as SIML file or package.
  • Resizing of Nodes is already a feature we are tinkering with.
  • As node logic is bound to the design architecture of Oscova. Controlling intent invocation is going to be left to back-end bot configuration.

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Re: Some Suggested Features for Oryzer Studio

Thu Apr 30, 2020 2:21 am

1.0.4 seems a huge leap. Awesome!

1. Copy and paste a captured window would speed up some development. Some of the graphical structures are nearly identical as they evolve so this could save some time on graph building.

2. Coming from other advanced FBP environments, it would be nice to be able to organize sub-graphs in a separate workspace and call them (reuse perhaps) in a master workspace. This might help with navigating and organizing around large complex charts.

3. I haven't tried yet but can you load multiple workspaces into a .NET app and get a single bot or it is one bot per workspace? I know you can traverse a directory of SIML documents into a single bot.

Otherwise, I love where this is going.


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Re: Some Suggested Features for Oryzer Studio

Fri May 01, 2020 2:47 pm


We've been trying to incorporate a lot of new features into Oryzer lately as we are internally relying on it for our product development.

1. Copy and Paste would indeed be a good feature - We'll surely look into it for the next update.

2. Oryzer relies on a platform independent Syn.Workspace library which lays down the core concepts of how nodes interact with each other. Surprisingly before you even suggested, we've been thinking of creating a sub-workspace system. This is a very essential feature for large-scale projects and we are looking into it.

3. You can import multiple workspaces into your Bot as long as the nodes end up connecting to a OscovaBot node. It doesn't matter to which follow-up node OscovaBot connects to say Oscova Test Panel.

Although it's a lockdown for a lot of us :) we are looking to release a new update by this week.

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