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Synbot - Semantic Search

Fri Dec 18, 2015 1:07 pm


I found this is great work. Synbot includes many useful features. Thanks for the support!.
Please let me know how can i add the following feature in Synbot.

Currently Synbot is doing the Exact User Input & Pattern Match. I want to implement Semantic match Example: User can ask the same quesition in different ways
"When Company was started to function" OR "When Organization was started to operate". Logically these 2 questions have same answer. I want to implement this Semantic Match in Synbot.

Please let me know the way to get this implemented. If possible, please share with me the source code of synbot.

Thanks a Lot!

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Re: Synbot - Semantic Search

Fri Dec 18, 2015 9:50 pm

Syn Bot has a tons of features. Many of them have not yet been documented and many new features are in their experimental stage. Right now I am very sure there not a single library as complex as Syn Bot. 8-)

Semantic search or sentence similarity match is still being studied by the research group here in our department. So we are yet to accomplish something like that. It is a very complex system to apply. Moreover, Syn Bot is protected by copyright laws and is a closed source project by the Synthetic Intelligence Network's research group. We however, are doing our best to get the library fully documented so that developers can easily add in more features.

There is also going to be an open source Demo application in GitHub (as announced by Leslie) soon that will give you some tips and tricks on achieving new things using Syn Bot

I will move your post to suggestions so our developers can see your post .

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