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Conversations and commands - a split experience

Sun May 04, 2014 8:28 am


I am brand new to this and have only just installed Syn 2 days ago.At first I thought it wasn't working because I could type text random questions into the chatbox and get responses from Madonna but not when I verbally spoke. It wasn't after I tried formal commands that I realised that formal verbal commands are recognised but general conversational is not verbally recognised.

Am I correct in this assumption? That general conversation only works via typing in the text box and only formal verbal commands are listened to and executed? It would be nice if there was a way in which syn could differenciate between formal commands and general conversation as opposed to having to type general conversation separately, therefore splitting the experience in two.

If this is the case, is anyone working on a way in which verbal conversations can be dictated to the chatbox (instead of typing it) so that there is a seamless interaction with verbal conversation?

Many Thanks

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Re: Conversations and commands - a split experience

Sun May 04, 2014 3:36 pm

Your assumption is not wrong at all.

Formal commands have been stored as choices for the In-built speech recognizer to process commands without utilizing much of your system resources. Moreover the commands recognized by the Engine has higher priorities to general conversations/chats therefore if you mix them both only the functional part of the sentence is utilized and the rest gets truncated.

For an year we've been working hard to smoothen the experience. With every iteration of SVA we push the speech recognition part to the next limit. As for now an experimental speech recognition plugin called Online Speech is available in Syn Store.

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Re: Conversations and commands - a split experience

Mon May 05, 2014 3:24 am

well I think this experience with the voice recognition is general. Though our developer has made it possible for us to use the online speech recognition ( Congrats there ), but let ask ourselves how many of us can afford using the internet every day.
Am saying this because syn Is the BEST and so with our little experience in using syn 8.0 with the problem facing we the users, something should be done to help our virtual assistance to have all the qualities.
Please am very sorry if I reply this rudely but I love this project and not being a developer I don't want the users of this software to face certain problem.
I love this project so I visit this site just to know the update. Am a student and a boy of 19 years we are not allow to go out but I do because of syn and I don't have the idea of how to develop this software like I will write and then send you the files.
PLEASE don't be angry with the way I replied, please.

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Re: Conversations and commands - a split experience

Mon May 05, 2014 4:36 am

Thanks for the quick response REVARN. Great to be part of a community, thread and product that is so fresh and everyone is so excited to be a part of. I can see that syn is still in the early stages but I can see so much potential here.

I have to admit, I recently saw the movie "Her" about a highly intelligent OS that can have general conversations and more and is my inspiration for installing syn (but I am well aware syn is nowhere near that level of intelligence).

I enjoy having little chats with the Alice chat bot plugin and Madonna's verbal commands are very useful. All that really needs to happen now is to somehow integrate the two so you can verbally chat and issue commands without having to type the chat to the Alice chat bot plugin. This would make all the difference as it would give the "illusion" that you are interacting with the one AI and not two (i.e. Madonna and Alice). Unfortunately, I am not a programmer so I can't offer any assistance in that area and have no idea how syn actually works.

One thing I did notice is that typed commands also work in the chatbox along with general chat. Therefore, It would be great to have some sort of dictation happening where the your verbal commands and verbal chat are dictated into text within the chatbox, therefore both your spoken commands and chat are responded to.

But again, I am not a programmer and I know this is easier said than done.

Thanks again and I will try out the Online Speech to see what that does.

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