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AI Engine Newbie Question

Tue Jun 09, 2015 2:28 am

I am new to the AI scene. How does the AI learn? Is there something I can do to help her learn faster or better? What should I try to teach her? How can she assist me? What other questions should I ask.

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Re: AI Engine Newbie Question

Tue Jun 09, 2015 4:50 pm

Syn VA is an on going research work that started 6 years ago. AI is inevitable but whether is it going to be safe and private was the main question back then. That's why we began deploying new architectures of Syn Virtual Assistant to the public.

So every version of Syn Virtual Assistant is a different research system. The version of SVA you are running is an hybrid system that is now considered a legacy version. Because we are no longer working on the same architecture instead we are working on a new and improved architecture (powered by SIML) which will be released in a couple of months. Exact time of release is still unclear.

So how do you teach the current system ? One feasible option is to go to the Chatbot folder and edit the AIML files using any text-editor.

Note: The upcoming version (as it is powered by SIML) will automatically learn important facts on its own. The user himself will be able to add/customize the knowledge-base using the Chatbot Studio.

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