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Chatbot Studio 1.2 Beta

Mon Apr 06, 2015 12:09 pm

A new version of Chatbot Studio is out with lots of improvements and bug fixes.

1. Adding Graph Master visualization under Project -> Graph Explorer
2. Added Search Tree viewer
3. Added Window options under Window -> Topmost and Toggle FullScreen
4. Added Auto-Complete in ChatBox
5. Fixed de-selection of File when Close All function is called
6. Added Line and Column information to Editor
7. Added Keyboard Shortcuts Window
8. Enchanced visualization for all Graphs
9. Stack order arranged to reflect internal Goto calls
10. Fixed common bugs in Console
11. Added Icons to File Explorer items
12. Enhanced the File Explorer with options for Folders and Files - Forum Suggestion
13. Added safe Drag and Drop mechanism in File Explorer
14. Added resize option to File Explorer
15. Project and Package names will now be displayed on the Title-Bar
16. Added Studio Console under HELP-> Studio Console.
17. Console stats are now directly taken from the Interpreter.

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