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Changes to Syn Bot Framework

Thu Jun 09, 2016 3:33 pm

We've been working hard to make Syn Bot the go to Framework for Bot developers who wish to run and design Bots without having to connect to any external web services.

We've decided to support the Xamarin by version 1.2.4 which means Syn.Bot will work flawlessly on Android, iOS, and Windows apps but with this comes a few inevitable changes.
  • LUA scripting will no longer be supported natively by the Syn.Bot Library.
  • JavaScript will indeed be supported however, Syn.Bot will depend on the Jint library as an external reference
  • SynBot class will be renamed to SimlBot
  • There maybe namespace change from Syn.Bot to Syn.Bot.Siml to allow Framework expansion to support new Architectures. However, the NuGet package name will stay the same i.e. Syn.Bot
  • Syn Bot Framework will follow the rock solid standards and design patterns of the VA Framework (A Virtual Assistant Development Framework)
  • Syn Chatbot Studio will now be Syn Bot Studio

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