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IVONA Voices [expired trial info]

Fri May 16, 2014 7:37 pm

Hey hey,

i just recently noticed that, unlike to v7.0, an installed IVONA Voice won't work anymore if it's trial is expired.
That's indeed not a real issue or problem since it's a restriction of the trial & the voice also stops working in the windows-tts-panel...
BUT...some TTS programs like balabolka nevertheless are able to use the still installed voice, so was Prototype in v7.0 :geek:
But since 8.0 it doesnt work with an expired trial anymore, it skips the voice to the next "working" one (like Microsofts Anna), all visemes & expressions of all avatars won't work & you can only hear anna's voice, until you uninstall the expired trial.

If you use a regular installation of the IVONA Voices or a trial that is not expired, everything works like a charme, but i thought i'd let u know ;)

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