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Syn Virtual Assistant [RC] Configurations

Fri Oct 07, 2016 8:09 pm

To start off let me say I'm totally new to the world of virtual assistant AI's.

So here my problem, from what I gather the 8.5 system is a big change from the old 8.1 and I'm not finding any real resources on it yet. (to be expected)
I'm not yet trying to embed this into an application. (it's got almost everything i need at the moment and seems quite extendable with plugins) I would just like to add some commands and abilities that are not yet existing and tune it to me needs.

From what I can tell it is the .siml files that control the action -> responses that take place.

1. (edit: found the documentation for this)So is there some where I can get some information as to how these are put together/ possible command list etc that is up to date(or not i can work with out of date and stuff broken i'll figure it out ass i go)

2. Are these files proprietary or do other VA's use them.

3. is there another way to "teach" the program commands?

4. are there some hard limitations that will come into play that I'm not aware of that makes embedding this into an existing application a necessity. (I understand this might sound rather objective as to depending on what i want it to do, but if that's the case that it's a good thing ><)

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Re: Syn Virtual Assistant [RC] Configurations

Sat Oct 08, 2016 12:50 am

Heya Chris (I am assuming the name from your Username, do correct me if I am wrong)

Indeed, 8.5 is a major change to the architecture and took about 2 years to reach its Release Candidate stage. 8.1 is now totally unsupported so all resources linked to it including download links on other portals have been disabled.

The entire Virtual Assistant is a harmony of plugins and SIML working in sync. SIML is the interface all the plugins use to let users interact with functionalities provided by these plugins. Many, if not all, plugins use SIML adapters to connect functions to commands.

All SIML files by Synthetic Intelligence Network are released under Apache License so you are free to use them in any of your application(s).

A few of the plugins (including the major "Loader" plugin) used by Syn Virtual Assistant will be open sourced within a few days to let developers customize the plugins to suit their needs. We'll make an announcement in our social networks when we do so.

Teaching and learning part has been left solely on SIML. Developers can create their own Patterns to teach and save learned SIML Models to disk.

Syn Virtual Assistant is based on the Syn.VA Framework which is a platform and bot architecture independent library. So I particularly don't see any limitations in extending or creating a custom embedded Virtual Assistant using it.

What Syn Virtual Assistant does best is that it serves as a platform to integrate everything from VA Plugins, Bot interaction and display system, speech recognition, 3D Graphic Engine, GUI Plugin configuration and much more to assist in swift VA development rather than developers having to re-write everything from scratch.

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Re: Syn Virtual Assistant [RC] Configurations

Sat Oct 08, 2016 2:08 am

:D Thank you for the in depth answer. I'm very much looking forward to seeing the loader plugin (and the others) open sourcing I'm seeing C# examples buried in a lot of places and that is the primary language I use so I'm very excited :P

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