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Loop Problem with integrating OSCOVA chatbot into Xamarin App

Mon Apr 29, 2019 11:24 pm


I have a problem with integrating an OSCOVA bot into my Xamarin chat app.
First I had a very good working SIML Classic Bot inside the app and wanted to change it to a SIML Modern/Oscova Bot (see pic1).
You can see, it's just reading the SIML package and putting the user message and the generated bot answer into speech bubbles ("Message").
After I failed to read the SIML Modern Package from the Android Assets folder, I tried to integrate some simple dialogs into C# (see pic2) and use them in the code, similar to the SIML Classic Bot code example (see pic3).
The code in pic3 works, but something strange happens: It creates a kind of stack of bot messages.

First user message : Hallo
Bot: Hi
Second user message : Hallo
Bot: Hi
Bot: Hi
Third user message : Hi
Bot: Hallo
Bot: Hallo
Bot: Hallo
Fourth user message : Hallo
Bot: Hi
Bot: Hi
Bot: Hi
Bot: Hi

The chatbot messages are simply getting more and more. Each message will be put into a new speech bubble...You can imagine that this is not very useful.
I'm guessing that this stack is created by the Chatbot.MainUser.ResponseReceived += loop ( --> ResponseReceived.Add).

Is there a way to skip this or just delete this stack every time? Or is there a very simple way to get around the problem?

It would be very kind if someone could help me. Thank you in advance!

Best regards
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Re: Loop Problem with integrating OSCOVA chatbot into Xamarin App

Tue Oct 15, 2019 5:41 pm

You are adding a handler for MessageReceived everytime a Send command is executed. An event handler should be added only once.

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